Nizami Pashayev

Weight lifting
World and Europe Champion

I had a major chance to be a World and Europe Champion. For me, getting a success in the Olympic Games is just the biggest dream for any sportman. I wish all the luck to Baku in this very competitive selection of the host city for the 2016 Games. Even nomination of Baku is important in terms of promoting sports in the country. I fully support it. Just imagine how happy we all will be to host the most respected global sportive forum here in Baku.

Niyameddin Pashayev

World and Europe Champion

I see an enormous improvement in how Azerbaijani sport is doing. And Azerbaijan is actually getting more and better sport infrastructure. With some more efforts I believe Baku can indeed compete with other candidate cities. As for sportsmen, we will continue to make our best efforts to glorify our country, and I think you will appreciate that it is absolutely exciting opportunity to perform in front of home audience.

Irada Ashumova

3rd place of Olympic Games

I recently visited Munich for a competition – the city where the Olympic Games 1972 took place. A great experience. Everywhere you still can see which influences these Games had. I think they would have an even bigger impact here in Baku in 2016. Therefore I support Baku's bid.